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Cultural intelligence providing customade and contextualized foresights and insights.

Trend Forecasting

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Cultural intelligence providing customade and contextualized foresights and insights.

Trend Reports

We help brands build thought leadership through curated deep-dives. We provide answers to future-facing questions, and identify consumer needs, early signs and trend manifestations. Validation through expert interviews, consumer labs, ethnographic studies or representative methodology as needed.


We deliver tailormade keynotes that decode and contextualize change for your specific category or question. Through inspiring and change triggering opinions and manifestations we aim to shake things up and unleash your organizations future-creative potential.


To better answer the “what if” questions, Trendbüro makes use of scenario thinking. We map drivers for scenarios of consumer priorities and trends  and envision plausible future developments. These scenarios combine expertise from various disciplines. Our scenarios challenge presumed future developments and guide leaders towards better decisions.

Decoding Change

Stay on top of ever-changing Zeitgeist, Generational Shifts and Cultural Gamechangers with our foresights and contextualisations. Understand the drivers that will impact opportunities and change. Challenge us with the questions that give you sleepless nights regarding the what‘s coming and WHY.

Werteindex Update 2022

What drives Germans 2022?

Meet the makers of “Projekt Zuversicht”, Germany’s largest social media listening project. 18.825.145 social media posts were analyzed to understand which values drive us in times of accelerated societal change.

Gain insight into our methodology, key take aways and collaborative team.


Want more insights?

Value Index Update 2022
Value Index

Value Index Update 2022

Since 2009, we've been publishing the largest long-term social media analytics-based project investigating changes in values in the DACH region together with our partners Bonsai GmbH and Fritz Classen.
Trends to Watch 2023

Trends to Watch 2023

This report builds on last year's findings and insights and takes a look at the trends and drivers for the year ahead. We explore this year's topic through five trends to watch.

Decoding Communities

Together with Salesforce, we researched what holds successful communities together, how they work, and developed actionable takeaways for brands that help decode the global phenomenon.
Chinese Consumer Value Index 2020
Value Index

Chinese Consumer Value Index

By undertaking trend research as well as interviews with business experts we developed a multi-faceted portrait of value perception in China.